The sustainability of your crops

Measuring benefits and impacts

Economic Sustainability

  • Improved market – Application of A+ Soil Amendment increases production while reducing irrigation costs because of its documented ability to increase root growth and moisture retention, and to mitigate plant stress due to drought. 
  • Increased business/enterprise opportunities – Potentially greater crop yields and quality allow for more crop production.

Environmental Sustainability

  • Improved soil quality/health – A+ is a natural and benign application free of synthetics. It is documented to improve soil health that provides a better environment for crops to flourish.
  • Improved water quality – Moisture retention in robust root systems can mitigate oxidative stress sometimes associated with well water.

Production and Production Efficiency

  • Improved crop production and/or production efficiency is reflected by improved soil health that enhances nutrient values, pathogen resistance, and crop yield.

Social Sustainability

  • Improved agriculture and food system infrastructure – Microalgae is a naturally produced application that can relieve farm producers of increasing costs and supply chain issues regarding traditional fertilizers.