Deliver all-important long-chain fatty acids to animals

The animal feed market is rapidly changing, and many manufacturers are currently looking for sustainable alternatives to established products. Commodities such as corn and soy are staples in animal diets but produce high levels of inflammatory Omega-6 fatty acids. 

But animal feed can also offer efficiencies with the introduction of both flax and micro-algae that deliver all-important long-chain fatty acids to animals when included in their daily ration. 

  • Improved Feed Efficiency
  • Reduced Methane Emissions
  • Increased carcass weight
  • Decreased death loss and condemnation rate
  • Increased carcass value
  • Higher ROI 
  • Reduced inflammation and need for antibiotics 
  • Improved reproductive health, increased fertility, motility
  • Improved autoimmune response
  • Improved rumen bypass, conversion, and nutrient absorption
  • Improved marbling in the meat cuts
  • Improved hoof health
  • Improved daily weight gain
  • Relief from bovine high-mountain disease (low oxygen saturation), pinkeye, and other conditions
  • Improved ability to handle heat and feedlot stress