Algae can be grown and harvested like any other agricultural crop.

It can be grown using a brackish water unsuitable for cultivating agricultural crops.

Our algae is grown on about 100 acres of ponds in southwest U.S. Each pond is 1 – 2 acres and is grown outdoors in an environmentally friendly environment. Once harvested our algae goes through an automated processing and filtration process. Followed by a patented drying application for customers who prefer their algae product in dry form.

Our algae farm
Our algae farm is located in the New Mexico desert on 100 acres of open raceway ponds. The algae is in constant circulation to keep the crop healthy to provide best results when used in animal feed supplements.

Good For People & The Planet

Our algae farm is located in the southern New Mexico desert, where there is plenty of sunshine and brackish water. We’ve turned this previously unused land into a thriving algae farm that has the potential to feed and nourish millions of people.

Our algae farm yields more essential protein per acre and per gallon of water than traditional plant or animal-based farming.