A+ Liquid Soil Amendment is an organic and proprietary, liquid that is produced from the cultivation of Chlorella microalgae.

A+ enhanced contains bio-active compounds, phytonutrients, and metabolites that are expressed during the growth process of the microalgae.

  • Enriched nutrient and water uptake

  • Enhanced plant and root growth

  • Induced microbial growth associated with healthier crops

  • Increased environmental stress tolerance

  • Improved yield Application of A+ will vary based on crop and geography. Please contact us to discuss your specific situation and directions for application.


Sod Field Trial Summary


This field trial assessed the effects of A+ Soil when added to grower’s standard treatment during the last weeks of growth to assess if it would affect growth, productivity and quality of a tall fescue (festuca arundinacea) blend turf, when compared with grower’s standard nutrition program alone. 


A+ treatment began 4 months into the growth cycle of the turf. The treated lanes (Figure 2) filled in faster and more completely than the control lanes (Figure 1). There were no bare patches in the treated lanes and the sod was scheduled for harvest one month after the end of the trial. The grass blades were thicker, taller and closer together (Figure 3) in the treated plug. In addition, the roots were longer, thicker and more numerous than the control (Figure 4).



This field trial assessed the effect of BetterFedFoodsTM A+ Liquid Soil Amendment grower when added to grower’s standard treatment, on the yield in Field Corn.


  • Location: Upperco, MD 
  • Season: May 2022 – October 2022 
  • Design: 36 rows per treatment  
  • Planting Date: May 3,2022 
  • Treatments: Control - Grower’s Standard 

Treatment 1 - A+ applied at 8 oz per acre in furrow at planting 

Treatment 2 - Treatment 1 + 1 gallon per acre as a side dress at the V4-V5 stage combined with final herbicide cleanup application.


A+ Liquid Soil Amendment was mixed with grower’s input and applied in-furrow to 72 rows of corn at planting. A second application of A+ was applied to 36 of the 72 rows which received the in-furrow application. The A+ was tank mixed with the final herbicide application and applied via an overhead sprayer. Treatment 2 was a mistake as all 72 rows were supposed to receive this second spray treatment. The mistake provided an opportunity to observe results of the one in-furrow application alone, although a separate yield map was not retained. Real-time yield data was collected at harvest.


A+ Liquid Soil Amendment when applied twice (Treatment 2) resulted in an average of 260.6 bu/a versus 224.8 bu/a for the Control. This is a 15.9% yield increase for Treatment 2. Although a separate yield map was not retained, the farmer observed similar yields for Treatment 1 as recorded for Treatment 2.