Omega-3 eggs account for about 10% of today’s table egg market.

It’s recommended that we consume between 250-500mg daily of combined EPA/DHA. That’s1.6 grams per day for men and 1.1 grams per day for women, so generally, two eggs each day supplies the daily requirements for LCFAs.

Great O Plus produces eggs with 300 milligrams of Omega-3 per large egg and an EPA/DHA level of 120 milligrams per large egg.

The very important Omega 6:3 ratio is 3.6/1.

The results of our egg study.


Even with 50% higher inclusion rate of competitor product, LCFA with Great O Plus was 35% higher per Serving.  (Over a 2x higher conversion)


As Omega-3 fatty acids are enriched with the inclusion rate of Great O Plus, the corresponding Omega 6:3 ratios are reduced.