is the only company that provides Omega-3 fatty acids directly through the rumen diet

Depending on the inclusion rate we improve animal performance and the quality of milk produced. 

Your animals will deliver more Omega-3s and a more powerful Omega-6:3 ratio than any of the other enhanced dairy brands on the shelf today. Customers pay more for Omega-3 dairy products.

Feed Applications for every part of the Animal Life Cycle

  • Lactating Cows

    • Improved milk production
    • Improved solids content of milk (fat & protein solids)
    • Replacement of expensive bypass fats

  • Cow-Calf

    • Improved reproductive efficiency
    • Improved body scores of Cows before and after birth
    • Increased calf growth weights
    • Improved calf morbidity and mortality rates

  • Weaning

    • Improved growth weights
    • Improved feed conversion
    • Improved health for upcoming stress events