About Windmill Angus Ranch

Alex breeds angus bulls and raises beef cattle. He farms over 2,000 acres. He has applied EnSoil Algae to his sorghum, alfalfa, corn, oats, and clover crops in Southwest Nebraska.

Preliminary Findings

“We are very encouraged by the results we’ve seen from application of EnSoil Algae. We’veseen positive plant color and growth response. Our soil health numbers show improvement. Our yields havebeen higher where EnSoil was applied, and the nutrient gains are also significant. We believe it can help us growa quality, nutrient dense crop and offset the cost of nitrogen inputs. We are most excited about working toimprove our soil biology and water holding capacity through use of EnSoil.” – Alex Peterson, Owner


Date: Nov 1-30, 2021
Client: Alex Peterson
Location: Haigler, NE