Soil Health and Crop Yield


Microorganisms live in a world of chemical signals. They use small molecular weight compounds,  known as metabolites, to regulate the environment in which they live and control the function and  shape of much of the world’s biodiversity. These metabolites function as signalers to microbial  communities in the soil. 

BetterFedFoodsTM’ A+ is derived from Chlorella microalgae. A+ contains phyto-nutrients and metabolites that are expressed during the growth process of the microalgae, as well as bio-active compounds. The metabolites in A+ function as signalers to microbial communities in the soil causing changes in their diversity and abundance. A+ works with the microbes which are native to the soil to enhance their effectiveness. Because A+ enhances the communication between the soil microbes and the crop, the resulting microbial activity is tailored to each field and crop need. In addition, research has shown that A+ also benefits microbial inoculants by jump starting their impact on the soil and the crop. 


These microbial communities help make key nutrients available to the crop to provide.

  • Enriched nutrient and water uptake

  • Enhanced plant and root growth

  • Induced microbial growth associated with healthier crops

  • Increased environmental stress tolerance

  • Improved yield Application of A+ will vary based on crop and geography. Please contact us to discuss your specific situation and directions for application.

Learn How Microalgae Improves Your Land