Paul Rosenberger

Paul handles operations and has 25+ years of experience in strategic business alliances, financial services, and building effective organizations. He oversees the infrastructure, operations and business relationships for Better Fed Foods.

Steve Williams

Steve brings a rich history of sustainable agriculture to this position. Steve is a 5th generation farmer from SW Iowa. Since 2011 Steve has been running his company A1 Microbes. A1 markets and distributes high quality, lab tested microbes for the soil. A1’s products are primarily focused on bringing a robust population of specific consortium of microbes to different cropping environments in the US. In the last 2 years A1 is also working on biological solutions to plant pathogens, pest control, and crop stover degradation. Steve and his wife Wendi live near Kerrville Texas, they are proud parents of 7 kids aged 11 to 26.

Steve Clark

Steve manages business development for BetterFedFoods throughout the southeast. He has an extensive background in understanding the hardships farmers and ranchers face and experience as they work to provide food and fiber to consumers around the world. He learned early on from his peers he enjoyed helping and educating others and while remaining on the farm. He has a degree in Plant Sciences and Ag Business, and is USDA certified for livestock grading and worked stockyard cattle sales each week for the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

Bernie Hansen

Bernie is the chairman and founder of multiple enterprises, including BetterFedFoods, He’s a thought leader with the capacity and relationships to re-align the food value chain. He has 45 years of experience in meat and food production creating, growing several companies while working with nationally recognized food corporations. He has advocated for the meat industry on multiple boards of directors and in other leadership positions and received industry recognition and awards.