NBO3 is the manufacturer of Great O Plus (GO+) feed nutrient and will supply cattle operations with the microalgae-based supplement.

GO+ is extensively documented to increase Omega-3 fatty acid levels in daily rations to improve animal performance and production, while reducing methane emissions through better conversion.

 Great O Plus reduces inflammation and strengthens immunity by lowering the Omega 6:3 ratio (similar to the Mediterranean Diet) in beef and dairy cattle, swine and poultry. It also has been documented to alleviate porcine respiratory and reproduction syndrome (PRRS), High Mountain Disease (HMD) in cattle, pinkeye, and stress-related issues in all animals.

Great O Plus is delivered to participating producers through the NBO3 supply chain developed in conjunction with partners.

NBO3 has sold over 25,000 tons of GreatOPlus feed nutrient for inclusion in animal daily rations and conducts continuing academic and commercial feed trials as it expands its market. Its dedicated feed mill is located in Bruning, NE.